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10:43pm 15/07/2004
mood: nervous
Well today was an ok day.. boring but it wasn't bad. I finally got my learners yesterday! LMAO! So I am practicing driving now.. it's not hard at all.. lol I can't believe I waited so long to take it. Tha test was the easiest thing EVER!

But lets see, I ran all over the place with my mom and dad looking for a tent. Were going to PC and were going to camp. Wow, never done that before. I haven't been camping in forever. But it's going to be sooooo fun! I can't wait to get out of Georgia for awhile.. this state is sooo lame and horrible and I just can't wait to get out of it period! But yeah, Alyssa is hopefully coming and it is going to be fun.

Well cross country practice starts tomorrow. I have to to do good this season. I have nothing to cry, or worry about so I'm going too. Plus all those cycling classes at the gym are making me sooooooo much more stronger. If only I could get my breathing down now, because I don't even get fatigued anymore when I run.

Um.. not much more to write about. So leave some comments people! LOL
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So sick of writing titles..   
03:24pm 12/07/2004
mood: full

Wow, it's been awhile since I have written. Um, anyways, I am going to marry Brad Pitt.. LOL Too bad it's not Tobey Maguire, but Brad is always good. *drools* LOL I finally got my MP3 player.. it rocks! Makes running 10x more funner.

A couple days ago Alyssa stayed the night and we watched The Butterfly Effect. WEIRD MOVIE! But it was good. I cried like a baby at the end. And we watched the Directers Cut so we missed half the movie so we gotta watch it again. LOL But anyways, yeah it is a sad movie and I don't think I cried so much ever watching a movie.. like that anyways. And Derek, Blaine, mom and Alyssa all laughed at me. It was awesome though. Ha! After that the next day I stayed with Alyssa and we went bowling and we met this obnoxious boy! Arugh, he was so annoying.. I am sorry but cussing is not attractive.. neither is smoking! *gags*

Oh and yeah, of course I saw Spider-Man 2.. it's my favorite movie.. sooooo good! I've seen it twice actually. LOL I'm gonna see it again too when I go to California. My dad is now saying we might not go to PC this summer.. arugh, we have too.. I want to go to the ocean so bad!

Well gotta go, it's gonna storm.

03:17pm 12/07/2004

You are going to marry Brad Pitt. He is always friendly to anybody he ever meets and he is very talented as an actor. He is also very sincere and friendly. He will respect you until the day he dies. Congrats!!

Which male celebrity are you going to marry?


Can't think of a good title..   
11:00pm 25/06/2004
mood: drained
Well my 16th birthday has gone and went. It started out soooooooo shitty but then it got better. Jessica and I had a good time. Ha, she always makes me laugh! We watched The Rundown, and 50 First Dates. Both were good movies! And we also went bowling, it was ok, it was fun at first but then it got boring and my fingers started to hurt. Now I am sore! From bowling with a 8 lb. bowling ball! How sad is that?! Well yeah, then she left that morning and then Alyssa came over. I was sorta upset because I thought she forgot my birthday but she didn't she just didn't know what day it was I guess... but she came over and she stayed the night and we had fun. The movie we rented, which we thought would be cheesy, was so scary! SHE LAUGHED! NUTS! LOL It was sorta a weird night too cuz someone woke up and yelled "OH SHIT!!!" really loud like they were scared and I KNOW it was Alyssa.. LOL She always talks in her sleep when she stays over here.

Yeah, well I just got out of the shower and I didn't complete close the door and when I got out the door was opened more.. really freaked me out. I thought "the night creatures" were going to get me. I kept telling myself "Theres nothing there that isn't in the light.." ha, goes to show you that scary movies, really do scare me. Well some of em. LOL

Well I went running earlier.. I felt really good! It was so hot though! I ran by Deena's house and she waved.. I still have to call her and see if she wants to run sometime, but knowing me I won't cuz I'm.. to shy! Next time I see her at the gym I'll just ask her.

Well, this is the most I have written in a loooooonnnnnngggg time. But thats cool. I can't wait till this upcoming week!!!! Tuesday, because of the Spider-Man 2 videogame.. yeah I know, I am a MAJOR geek, but hey thats ok, it looks really fun to play and Tobey is doing the voice.. LOL And then Wednesday the movie comes out. I cannot wait. I just finished the book and ahh, what a perfect ending. I was soooooooooooo HAPPY with it!!!!!

Ya know it is really sad about Mary Kate Olsen... ya know I wouldn't mind a bunch of get well wishes if I were in her shoes (and I used to be in the same situation) but having it plastered all over the TV and magazines has got to make it worse.

Well.... I am getting tired so I am going to watch some TV.
12:30pm 19/06/2004
mood: angry

Well, its another boring day. I feel like crap right now though. I read something on my friends journal and it really upset me. Made me sound like such a drag to hang out with. But whatever.

My parents are outside in that damn heat mowin the lawn and such. LOL We might go rent a movie later so that'll give us something to do. I think I'm gonna go run around 7-8..

I still don't know what were doing for my birthday, but we'll figure something out. Hopefully it'll be fun, it better be better then last year. HAHA Last year was LAME!

Oh my gosh! Last night I was watching TV and a Spider-Man 2 TV Spot came on and I about died. It is soooo funny. Ok well Spider-Man (Tobey) and this stranger on in an elevator at the end and the guy is like "Nice Spidey suit..." then Tobey goes "Yeah, sometimes it gives me wedgie!" Ha, I about died laughing. And then at the beggining Tobey like jumps over a car and these little kids saw him and they were all like "Whoa! How'd ya do that?" and Tobey goes "Well.. ya know, eat your veggies!" LOL

Last night I watched a really sad movie called Perfect Body.. well take a wild guess what that was about.. I watched that when I was like in 8th grade when I had the "problem" and like that is the movie that triggered me into it, but I don't see how cuz that movie is sooo dang sad. Well, I don't have much more to write about, I'll write more later.

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10:12pm 18/06/2004
mood: hopeful
Wow, its been awhile since I have written. Well.. guess what?! Next week is my 16th birthday! YEAH! LOL But ya know the sucky thing? I'll be 16 and won't even be able to drive.. I still don't even have my learners. Talk about taking the whole fun out of being 16. LOL

Well, the gym has been just AMAZING! It is so fun. I love all the people there. They are so funny. Esp this English lady named Deena. I take her cycling class with my mom and I run with her as well (since we live in the same neighborehood) and she is hilarious. Monday Jessica P. is comin! Ha, it is going to be crazy!

I didn't run today.. day off, I feel like a PIG! LOL Oh well, tomorrow will be a good day.

I guess I'll write more soon. Less then two weeks to Spidey 2!!!!!

NOTE: Please excuse the crappiness of my livejournal layout.. its the best I can do for now. HAHA
12:37am 30/05/2004
mood: crappy
I finally bought Thelma & Louise.. haha, bad thing is though, is that I owe my parents $20.. but thats ok. Its $20 well spent. *grins* Brad Pitt is so hot in that movie. He's hilarious!

Anyways, I've been feeling kind of strange lately.. like sad.. maybe its just cuz I've had way to much time to think, and just being bored. LOL I need to find something to do.

Well, I'm GONE! See ya! HAHA
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08:28pm 27/05/2004
mood: mellow
Haven't updated in awhile. I am pretty bored.. been an ok summer so far. I can't wait till I can actually do something! Were pretty tight on money right now so I can't do much.. man I want get a new belly button ring.. I can't wait to change it! Anyways, I finally joined the gym with my mom and man oh man am I sore!!!!! OUCH! I went running today and my boobs hurt so bad! LOL

My birthday is in 27 days! YAY! I also can't wait to buy the movie Thelma & Louise.. its one of my favorites.. its sooooo good! I cry everytime I watch it. Thelma is so funny!

"I just don't see what it would hurt
just to give somebody a ride. Did
you see his butt? Darryl doesn't
have a cute butt. You could park a
car in the shadow of his ass."

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09:17pm 17/05/2004
mood: full
Hmmm.. haven't wrote for a week.. anyways, its the last week of school! YES! Hopefully it'll go by fast. Wish me luck with exams.

Anyways, this last Saturday I saw Troy. It has got to be one of the best movies of 2004 so far.. same with Van Helsing.. I think Troy should, and has a chance at getting Best Picture next year at the Oscars.. its amazing. Eric Bana is so sexy! He made the show, IMO. He did so great, and it was so sad! I just wanted to pounce on him and make mad love to him.. LOL Whoa, I am scaring myself.. u didn't read that. ;)

Well, I am watching Shania Twain on CMT! YEA! She rocks.. she's probably my favorite singer..

Well, I'm out.. 3 1/2 days left!!

Oh, and Lynn, I'd love for you to help me with my LJ.
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New look, but its crap!   
08:44pm 09/05/2004
mood: sore
I gave the journal a new look.. it looks like crap though. *sighs* Roxy, you need to help me.. PWEEZE!

Anyways, I beat the Van Hesling game already!!! It rocked.. its so fun! It's really similar to the movie, but its different too.. I think I'll buy it once the price goes down.

Well the weeekend is over.. *shrugs* SUCKS!!! Hopefully this week will go by fast. But now we can offically say that NEXT WEEK IS THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! HAHA

Well, I'm out everyone!
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Van Helsing ROCKED!   
10:21pm 07/05/2004
mood: hopeful

I just got back from seeing Van Helsing.. GOOD MOVIE! Man I cried at the end! That was so sad! Wasn't it Michelle? *Tear* She was the best part of the movie.. Kate Beckinsale KICKED BUTT.. and Hugh Jackman was so hot! HAHA It started off kind of slow but once the story got going it was great. I'll deffinitly be buying it.

Well.. on to other subjects.. only 2 more weeks of school. Arugh, I hope next week goes by so fast!!

I just have to bring Tobey up.. ha, well Oprah is doing this thing where one lucky fan will gets to meet him.. I sent my email in! Ha, I know its like 1 in a million chance of getting it but I can have hope right?

Well, I'm off to bed..

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Another boring day..   
07:54pm 25/04/2004
mood: groggy

Well its Sunday and its been pretty dang boring. Alyssa and I never did get together on Friday, but we hung out all day Saturday and we dog sat some of her neighbores dogs for the night. It was pretty fun. I am spending the week with her, since my parents are going to Minnesota to be with my grandma. She's got breast cancert. :( So pray for her. She'll be ok.. I hope!

Ha, check these out.. its Tobey and his girlfriend Jen at six flags just YESTERDAY! LOL

Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic.com Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic.com Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic.com Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic.com Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic.com 


Ha, those are so funny! Hopefully I can find bigger ones..

Anyways, I'm out..

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Finally, an update.   
06:46pm 23/04/2004
mood: sleepy

Yes Michelle, I am updating.. HAHA Anyways not much is going on. It's 6:43 PM on a Friday night and I am waiting for Alyssa to call. I am suppose to be hanging out with her.. BUT she's working and hasn't called yet. *sighs* I hope she does soon and doesn't forget.

Hmmm.. I can't wait for the mail to come tomorrow. I get the Entertainment Weekly issue with Tobey on the cover!! *IN THE SPIDER-MAN SUIT!* HAHA

Pretty sexy, huh? Also can't forget that this wonderful picture is also included in it:

Well, yea I have no life.. well yea, I do.. TOBEY! HAHA

Anyways, nothing much else to write.. update later.


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12:17pm 27/03/2004
mood: calm

Another boring Saturday.. I have nothing to do. I am going to go running soon maybe. I watched Beyond Boarders last night.. GOOD MOVIE! Angelina Jolie rocks my face off! HAHA She kicks major butt. I reccommend it to anyone who hasnt seen it.

Anyways, I have been doing ok.. kept my mind off of things lately. Still creeps up on me though at night.. but I can only expect that. And its the one year.. *sighs*

On the brighter side of everything: Spider-Man 2 comes out June 30th now! I am so excited! Its going to be great. Here is a picture from the movie:

  That looks so fricken amazing! And I think thats Tobey too.. I so can't wait for this movie.. oh, and I must throw this photo in:


What a bunch of goofs! Well, not much else to write about.. I'll write more later if anything comes to mind.


07:02pm 16/03/2004
mood: exhausted
Wow, what a weird couple of days. Yesterday was the big day. I went up in front of the judge (well my family, my attorney, etc.) we got his sentence raised! He now has to serve 5 years and prison and 5 years probation.. a 10 year sentence. I think he desearved more, but I am happy that it was at least more than we expected. It was so scary.. seeing him and everything. And now its been on the news a few times.. gosh what a scary man! Well now hes in the place he belongs.. and he won't even get to see his 15 year old girlfriend (GROSS!!!) deliver her baby.. I know it sounds bad, but I don't feel bad for him one bit.

Well, I'm about to go walking.. write more later!!
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05:07pm 10/03/2004
mood: crushed

I've been really depressed the last couple days. *sighs* Turns out that we can't get a new attorney.. well I'm sure we could but this guy has got everyone wrapped around his finger.. As it stands right now were not going to trial. There going to let him plea for just 3 years nad 5 years probation.. I do get the chance to go up in front of the judge and tell him how I don't agree with what is happend and hopefully, I pray, that he'll raise his sentencing. I'm really scared about seeing HIM though. And I still have some hope that he will not accept the plea (which I'm almost certain he has already) but he could still back down. We'll see what happens. I just feel like its happening to me all over again.. I'm yelling NO! to the DA's office but there just not listening to me and just wont give me a chance. All the evidence they gathered up is against me! They have nothing on you know who!

Off that topic.. the Spider-Man 2 movie book comes out on May 25!



Neat, huh? Looks awesome!

Anyways, I'm out! Write more later! I still think Coweta County is hell!

10:58pm 05/03/2004
mood: pissed off
Well I found out some new things today.. I guess my attorney hasn't believed me since day one.. :( I have been crying all day. Makes sense though, thats why he is wanting to plea for a lesser charge and only for Stagatory Rape. *sighs* Were going up to his bosses office on Monday and were going to try and get him off the case. Pray all is well then! I need it!!!!!

Last few days have been CRAPPY! I feel horrible.. I don't know what I feel.. I feel pissed off and sad at the same time. All I know is when I see my attorney, I am going to give him a piece of my mind! SICKO!
Nothing else to write.. *cries*
02:29pm 29/02/2004
mood: bored

I am so bored.. I am going to go over to the school in a bit and ride their crappy exercise bikes since I can't run.. *tears* Knee is still killing me.


He is sooooooooo hott! haha, and you can't lie and say hes not cuz I mean look at him!

Well, I'm gonna go.. not much to write about. I toke that movie quiz and the movie I'm most likely to be in is E.T.! LMAO Riiiiighhhht.

March 15! Pray for me!

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Its L-A-T-E!   
12:14am 28/02/2004
mood: scared
Well, its very late and I'm still not in bed.. its actually 12:16 in the morning.. ha! Anyways, I got my copy of Wizard magazine that I was oh so happily rejoicing over the other day. *swoons* I can now look at it whenever I want! *licks lips* Tobey is just so yum.. I can eat him all up.. HAHA ok, now I'm starting to freak myself out a bit.
Well I tried to change some things on the journal... its not coming out well. You can't see the purdy background! *sighs* I think Kate Beckinsale is just so dang gorgeous in that movie! Underworld STILL rocks! Can't wait for the second one.. HEHE
Ummm.... we had a snow day yesterday! It was great.. I needed the rest. The week seemed to be going oh so long already. But now we have the weekend to do wutever we please.. and thats prolly running (if my knee feels better) or NOTHING at all.
Speaking of my knee, its killing me. I don't know what the DONK I did to it. Arugh! It better be ready by Wednesday, or tomorrow.. I need to run.. my body is having convulsions.. (NOT REALLY, but ya know?) I just feel really crappy when I don't run. Its kinda like the way someone feels if there having drug withdrawls only not as bad. HAHA

Well, better get goin.. remember MARCH 15! PRAY FOR ME!
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04:48pm 25/02/2004
mood: ecstatic
Not posting much.. getting ready to go see "Passion of the Christ"..

Also, new Wizard issue for April!!!


AHHHHHHHH! *screams* MUST HAVE! I love him!
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